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Discover Latin America with us

We are two young people eager to discover and show Latinamerica, and this project is the beginning of our journey: México, Central and South America.


After months preparing, investigating, contacting people and saving money, in July 2012 we will begin a road trip along the Pan-American Highway, we will travel through 13 countries in 6 months.

What is our goal?

We want to have new experiences, reaching unknown places, meeting their people and learning from them. Here and through our Facebook you can check our blog, photos and videos. We want to share this road trip telling you how we adjust to different environments and explaining our best and worst moments.We plan to show Latinamerica from another perspective.


At the end of the trip we will edit a documentary with the material obtained, showing Latin America from another point of view, closer and realistic. We will also write a photographic book with our experiences and we will assess the possibility of organize a photographic exhibition in different countries.

What is the purpose of this web page?

When we were planning this project, we thought that a web page would be the best way to keep in touch with our friends and families.


Nevertheless we want to share this project with other travellers, video and photo enthusiastics, new friends and everyone interested in knowing different cultures and places.


We invite you to come with us through the continent, and we hope you enjoy our videos, stories and pictures.


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